The Word's Out | About Me | Creative Copywriter

Hi, I'm Jo.

I’m a freelance creative copywriter based in London.

My job is to listen to you and understand the essence of your business. 

Then, I create sparkling content that communicates your story, helping you to effectively voice your expertise and achieve your goals. 

Think of me as a word tailor.

With precision, an eye for detail, and the odd alteration, I craft a voice that fits and complements your organisation, like a made-to-measure suit.

Since graduating with a degree in English and German, I’ve worked with some of the most prominent businesses in the UK.

I cut my teeth at leading PR and Marketing agencies in London and the North West. From designer fashion boutiques to one of London’s most successful pub operators, I have written copy for a variety of businesses and sectors. 

Craving more flexibility to work on my own terms, I made the plunge to go freelance. Today, I’m a copywriter and content strategist for solo entrepreneurs and creative business owners who are incredible at what they do. 

Whether it’s tapping out a press release that will pique the interest of the media or curating a #goals Instagram feed, using words to create the right content, in the right format to target the right audience is what I do best.

What else can I tell you?

When I’m not typing away and drinking x700 Diet Cokes per hour, I am usually fuelling my clothes obsession somewhere on Oxford Street. I’m an avid reader and my iPhone Notes app is packed full of my favourite quotes. I consider it my personal duty to pet every cat that crosses my path.