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Whip-smart copy that tells your story and sells your services to the right people, in the right way

Take a stand against bland with copy that cuts through the noise

Look at it now, all grown up. You’ve got a dreamy client roster, a slick service suite, and a zeal for what you do that lights you up from the inside.

Remember when that business of yours was just a bright idea, living rent-free in your head? 

With the right words, you transform from a maybe into a

You’re here to stand out and stand for something. 

You followed your true calling, carved out a reputation, and dared to take the path less travelled. 

Your story deserves panache. Flair. A distinct voice that sticks in people’s heads and draws those “OMG YES!” new leads into your inbox. 

Most people can string a sentence together or fill a website text placeholder with some passable words that tick a box. 

But you didn’t start your business to be a passable box ticker, did you? You little rebel. 


The problem?

That spark - the essence of what makes your brand unique - feels infuriatingly tricky to grasp and put onto the page. You know your business, audience, and vibe better than anyone else. 

So why won’t the words flow into a distinct voice that turns heads, stops the scroll, and seals the deal? 

The moment you start mimicking so-and-so on Instagram or constructing a fake persona that feels decidedly catfish-y, you extinguish that special spark that makes you different.

Cue the ‘meh’ messaging, samey sales copy, and ill-fitting enquiries. 

It’s my job to capture that spark and mould it into copy that’s unmistakably yours and irresistible to your ideal clients.

Not to go all “motivational fridge magnet quote” on you, but it’s true what they say: you are your greatest asset.

let's nail this

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Show me the retainers

Marketing upkeep requires a lot of words - and carefully considered ones at that. I’ll handle your newsletters, blogs, or captions month after month.

Monthly Content 

Make my voice heard

Magnetise the right fits and deflect the wrong fits with a distinct TOV that speaks to your ideal client. 

Tone of Voice Development

My website needs a glow-up

Your website is your brand’s home. Let’s make your digital HQ a place that attracts, welcomes, and uplifts dream clients.

Website Copy

Hey, I’m Jo.

The result? Conversational copy that demands attention, forges a human-to-human connection and makes your brand voice sing. 

London-based freelance copywriter and content writer for service-based businesses and creative entrepreneurs. 

Let’s get acquainted

Think of me as a word tailor. 

With precision, an eye for detail, and the odd alteration, I craft copy that fits your brand and turns heads, like a made-to-measure suit. 

I have a PR head for storytelling, a marketer’s knack for strategy, and a literature graduate’s soft spot for painstaking research and analysis. 

When I’m not sitting at my swivel chair penning copy for big-thinking businesses, I can usually be found cackling at stupid TikToks, funding my scented candle obsession, and scouring the city for the perfect latte. 

“Jo's writing skills are second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend Jo and can guarantee that she will be an asset to any PR or Marketing business.”

laura Fearnall, Managing Director and Founder of LUYA PR


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