Here's what you should know about me

Unignorable words for big-thinking businesses 

Let me guess...

Northerner residing in London. Ex-consumer PR executive. INFJ. Lover of one-liners. Hater of jeans with fake pockets. English and German Literature graduate. Cat whisperer. Fashion fiend.

And a straight-talking copywriter, skilled at turning your brain dumps and garbled voice notes into confident, powerful copy that gives your dream clients heart-eyes. 

You’re here because your copy is missing…something. Whether it’s ill-matched enquiries in your inbox or tumbleweed rolling across your Instagram comments, getting seen and heard by the right people feels like a chore. 

Every time you try to articulate your brilliance, you hit the backspace button. Or, the words end up sounding like a corporate sales spiel thrown together by a swaggering Apprentice candidate. 

I’m Jo,

You’re here to tell your story and connect with the right people, not provide ‘professional services’, ‘needle-moving solutions’, or ‘innovative expertise’ (ew). 

Your dream clients have a low threshold for fluff and filler. To grab their attention, you need to break the scan-yawn-scroll-repeat cycle with words that sound like no one and nothing else. 

You’re in the right place. 

Because I see it, that special spark. 

With a background in consumer PR, I’ve got a knack for ‘getting the word out’ for businesses big and small, from independent lifestyle brands to renowned British chains. 

Today, I shine the spotlight on service businesses with sharp storytelling and clever copy. 

It’s the way you enthusiastically share your business backstory on a discovery call. 
It’s the way your personality shines through the screen on IG Stories.
It’s the way you cheer your clients on, every step of the way.

And I know exactly how to put that magic onto the page. 


Because that’s you.

You’re the sort of person who bursts into a room with giddy excitement, saying “I’ve had an idea!”. Your business isn’t just a job to you - it’s a vocation, a purpose, and a lifestyle. 

Your mind is like a glittery ideas generator. But rather than let them die in a dim recess of your brain, you pursue them with a single-minded determination.

You’ve probably been called a go-getter. A dreamer. A maverick. 

And here's what I know about you...

(And maybe you’d cringe at describing yourself as such, but that’s ok. You don’t need to wang on about how great you are to garner respect and admiration. Your results do that for you *nail polish emoji*.)

You, the ambitious entrepreneur. 
You, the cutting-edge creative. 
You, the savvy service provider. 

yes it is

Isn’t it about time that your copy captured that special spark that only you possess?

Your business started with you. Your mission, your vision, your ‘why’. 

“With just a few voice notes and a basic brief in hand, Jo fully immersed herself into our brand and embodied our EXACT tone of voice. Her creativity in creating our content, the insane value packed into everything she writes, and the personality she injects into it is beyond anything we could’ve hoped for when hiring Jo!”

Ayse Caglayan, Founder of Surge Social Ltd

We’re a great match if…

We’re not a great match if…

You’ve been in business long enough to have a clear target audience, mission, and service offering 

Integrity, collaboration, and kindness come naturally to you in business

Your branding and photography are as polished as a magazine editorial. You just need the wow-factor words to match

Samey, run-of-the-mill copy makes you cringe

You need a perfect first draft tomorrow. Copy without thinking and researching time is just some naff words on a page

Your key selling point is making big bucks and coaching others how to do the same. Go smash that ‘6/7 figure year’ but we won’t be a winning partnership

You’re a chronic email ghoster. I pride myself on being a self-starter, but I do require your feedback and input to deliver the goods

Let’s get the word out, shall we? 



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