Why Copywriting is Like Tailoring

4 Similarities Between Copywriting and Tailoring

Me, in bed at 11pm: I love writing. I love fashion. What if *squints eyes* I wrote a blog post combining the two? 

You’ve got my bedtime brain to thank for this one. Here are 4 reasons why copywriting is like tailoring with words. 

Quality copy can’t be found ‘off the hanger’

Much like a suit straight off the shop hanger, copy laden with generic stock phrases and adjectives may technically ‘do the job’ but it will require some level of tweaking. It’s perfectly fine to give it a whirl yourself, but a professional copywriter will help you make exactly the right alterations to make it fit and complement your business just right

Copywriters don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach 

Tailors work with people of every size and shape. Perfecting their craft doesn’t mean taking on customers who have exactly the same build and stature; it’s essential that they are versatile and can make everyone look sharp. As copywriters, our goal is much the same – we need to deftly switch our tone of voice depending on the client or sector, which can differ wildly. Every business wants their copy to shine regardless of their industry. A good copywriter should have the adaptability and vocabulary to make that happen.  

A copywriter knows what fits you more than you do 

This may sound like a bold claim but hear me out. We get your vision. We know exactly what you’re trying to go for. We understand that XYZ competitor has the perfect tone of voice that you want to emulate. BUT with our expertise and a fresh pair of eyes, we’re able to go one step further. Much like a tailor making alterations to a dress that looks great on the mannequin but unflattering on the customer, we’re able to craft distinctive copy that is unique to YOUR business, not a second-rate version of somebody else’s. 

A copywriter can revise, amend or revitalise just about anything 

Whether it’s a long, rambling document or an empty blog section, us copywriters are here to make sense out of your thoughts or turn radio silence into consistent, clickable content. Just like a tailor transforming that once outgrown shirt into a stylish upgrade, we can level up your copy with a clever snip, cut and tweak. 

Are you ready to transform your copy from ‘off the hanger’ to ‘made to measure’? Get in touch with me to discuss your requirements.